RAID: Shadow Legends Common Mastery Builds

RAID: Shadow Legends Common Mastery Builds

In this guide, we will post basic mastery builds in RAID: Shadow Legends. This will cover generic types such as Offense, Defense, and Support.

Generic Support Build from OpheliaA1 on RAID: SL official discord. This build is designed especially for Apothecary

[UPDATED] Apothecary Masteries / Mastery CLAN BOSS POST- GS GIANTSLAYER
Reinbeast Masteries / Mastery Dungeon / Arena
Nazana Masteries / Mastery Clan Boss (Experimental) blue option 1 / wm option 2 (support tree in both cases) (not arena)
Frostbringer Masteries / Mastery – Clan Boss

Thenasil mastery
rk/ speed farmer masteries (you dont need blue green, makes no difference for speed farmer (speed here means the champ oneshots]))

zelotah masteries (unfinished) found this online/ seems to focus on support fully/not cb masteries more like dungeon masteries
Painkeeper Mastery Guide

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