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Candy Crush 77

How to Beat Level 77 on Candy Crush Saga.

Do you need help with Candy Crush Saga? We’ve got just the guide for you. Candy Crush 77 Guide below.

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From the guide: “The first time I completed this level I scored 120,000 points. This time I only scored 50,000 which was just enough to move to the next level. The best way to complete this level is to focus on getting 4 and 5 identical candies so you can get the color bomb and the vertical striped candies. Use the color bombs on the striped candies and it will help you clear the jelly row.”

Level 77 of Candy Crush saga can be quite a wake-up call for beginners. Players must clear all of the jelly and reach 50,000 points in a mere 25 moves to beat the level. However, all of the jelly is contained in a thin central section that is not connected to the rest of the board and that also contains chocolate which will spread each turn that it is not cleared.. This forces players to think creatively in an effort to indirectly clear the jelly with special candies within the time limit.



Using Winning Strategies

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    Prioritize vertical striped candies. The major difficulty in this level is that the spaces you have the most control over — the ones at the top and bottom — aren’t the ones that you have jelly in them. Since the middle section isn’t connected to the rest of the board, use the top and bottom of the board to your advantage by making vertical striped candies whenever you get the chance.

    • Keep in mind that vertical striped candies are made by making horizontal rows of four. Making vertical rows of four will give you horizontal striped candies, which aren’t very useful on this board because they can’t hit the middle section.[1][2]
    • Note that there are nine spaces in the center section, each containing two-layer jelly. That’s 18 squares of jelly total that you need to clear — since you only have 25 turns to work with, if you were to only use vertical striped candy, you’d need to use one on all but seven turns (on the correct spaces, no less!) This isn’t realistic — it’s much easier to win if you also work on getting some super combos.
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    Use wrapped/striped combos to hit the middle section. Combinations of wrapped and striped candies are your most useful assets on this stage. These combos clear three rows and three columns in a large “cross” pattern, which means that they can hit three jelly spaces in the middle at a time. Unfortunately, it can take several moves to set up a wrapped/striped combo, so don’t waste moves going for these if you’re running short on time.

    • One of the best possible moves you can make on this level is to trigger a wrapped/striped combo on the right side of the board near the beginning of the game. If you align it correctly, you can clear the chocolate and the locked square in a single turn. Not bad!
    • Keep in mind that wrapped/striped combos fire on the square that you swap to, not the first square you touch.
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    If you can, focus on the chocolate first. The chocolate that starts at the right side of the middle section is your number one enemy in this level. If you don’t deal with it as soon as it starts spreading, it can quickly devour the whole middle section, making it very difficult to beat the level. For this reason, it’s best to clear the chocolate with a few vertical striped candies or a wrapped/striped combo as soon as you can.

    • Try to clear the chocolate before you even break the locked block. While it’s possible to clear the chocolate once it’s started to spread, this is almost always more difficult and time-consuming.
    • Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to hit the chocolate itself: clearing a candy (but not a locked space, etc.) next to a chocolate square will clear the chocolate.
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    Don’t forget to look for combinations in the middle section. While it’s good to look for vertical striped candies and wrapped/striped combos on the top and bottom of the board, don’t forget that you’ll sometimes get combos in the middle section of the board as well. In fact, in terms of moving you towards your goal, getting a single horizontal three-in-a-row in the middle is just as valuable as a wrapped/striped combo (and uses less moves to execute!) Thus, you’ll always want to give the middle a quick glance at the start of your turn to see if there are any good moves before moving on to the outer sections.

    • In fact, if you can form two three-in-a-rows in a single turn (somewhat rare but perfectly possible), you can clear six jelly spaces at once. That’s twice as many as you’d clear with a wrapped/striped combo in a fraction of the number of moves you’d use, so don’t pass these opportunities up!
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    Use color bombs if many jelly squares are the same color. Color bombs — formed by getting five candies of the same color in a row — can be useful in certain situations, but aren’t essential, so think before making them. If you see that you can form a color bomb in one turn and use it to clear a color that appears in the middle row often on the next turn, it’s probably worth it.

    • On the other hand, if it would take many turns to make a color bomb and use it effectively, it may be a better use of your time to search for alternative moves.
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    If you have no other moves, clear candy near the bottom of the board. If you don’t have any productive moves to make on your turn at all, it’s almost always better for you to clear candy at the bottom of the board than it is to clear candy at the top. This is because when you clear candy at the bottom, there are more candies above it that shift, increasing the chance that a cascade will occur. This in turn increases the chance that you’ll get a special candy (and, even if you don’t, you’ll still get more points from the cascade effect.)



Knowing What to Avoid

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    Don’t waste time trying to get new blocks in the center section. It’s important to note that there are no teleportation panels at the top or bottom of any of the squares in the middle section. This means that clearing candies anywhere outside of the middle section won’t effect the candies in the middle. The only way to get new candies in the middle is by clearing candies there either directly or with a striped candy, wrapped/striped combo, or striped/striped combo.
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    Don’t use wrapped candies except for striped/wrapped combos. On their own, wrapped candies are useless in this level — their explosion range isn’t big enough to affect the middle section where the jelly and chocolate are. Thus, you won’t want to waste moves making them unless you plan to use them in a wrapped/striped combo or use them to trigger a vertical striped candy.

    • However, in the rare even that you can get a wrapped/wrapped combo, use it! The massive explosion radius should be able to hit a large area of the middle section at least once (unless you trigger it at the bottom of the board.)
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    Don’t let the chocolate get out of control. Once the chocolate spreads throughout the middle section, it can be very hard to finish the level, since this essentially adds another layer that you need to “break” through before you can start clearing jelly. Your best bet is to keep the chocolate from spreading until you have a vertical stripe or two ready to deal with it.

    This means that you shouldn’t break the locked square before you’re ready to clear the chocolate. You can clear jelly on the left and you should clear the chocolate on the right before you hit the lock, but once the lock is broken, you need to be ready to clear the chocolate right away or you may find yourself in a very difficult situation.

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    Don’t forget about the point limit. Nothing is more crushing than clearing all of the jelly in this level only to fail because you haven’t gotten enough points. Though the one-star marker is positioned fairly low on the point meter, it’s still possible to finish the level without the 50,000 points needed to reach it, so pay attention to the points you’re accumulating throughout the level.
  5. Keep in mind that, since you get a point bonus for each unused turn at the end of the level, it’s almost always best to finish early, rather than waste turns trying to set up massive combos.


Using “Meta” Solutions

The tips in this section don’t have to do with playing the game itself, but aren’t generally considered cheating. Feel free to ignore this section if you wish — your gameplay experience won’t be effected.

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    Reset the stage until you get a good layout. This trick works for the mobile version of the game, not the browser version. If you start the level and you don’t see any good moves, stop. Before you make any moves, hit the “back” button on your phone, and, if prompted about whether you truly want to exit, tap “yes.” You should be back on the map screen. Re-enter the level and you’ll have a different random assortment of blocks, but you’ll still have the same number of lives! Use this to your advantage by resetting until you get a favorable selection of blocks at the start of the level (like, for instance, an easy setup for a vertical striped candy on the right side of the board.)

    • To be clear: you can reset the board by backing out of the level without making any moves and entering it again. This costs no lives. However, once you make a move, it will cost you a life to reset the level.
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    Consider starting with a booster you’ve previously earned. If you’ve been using the Daily Booster Wheel, you will probably have at least a few boosters saved up. On level 77, you can use three: striped and wrapped candies, jellyfish, and color bomb. Each will give you an advantage — see below for more information.

    • Striped and wrapped candies: if you get a vertical striped candy, you’ll be able to use it to hit the middle section. If your striped and wrapped candies drop near to each other, you can even combine them to get a valuable wrapped/striped combo.
    • jellyfish: arguably the best choice for this level. jellyfish automatically clear three jelly squares at random. Since some of the jelly squares in this level can be hard to hit, this can be very valuable. A smart strategy is to save your fish until the end of the level so that they’ll have a better chance of hitting the squares you want them to.
    • Color bomb: See the information on color bombs above. These can be valuable if there are lots of candies in the middle that are the same color.
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