RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Mastery Guide


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EDIT: Updated with RAID: SL 1.7 information. Masteries are something each champion has. They are obtained by spending skill scrolls which can be farmed from the minotaur dungeon. After each run of minotaur, one champion will be randomly chosen to receive mastery scrolls. Each Champion can obtain 100 basic scrolls, 600 advanced scrolls, and 950
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In this guide, we will post basic mastery builds in RAID: Shadow Legends. This will cover generic types such as Offense, Defense, and Support. Generic Support Build from OpheliaA1 on RAID: SL official discord. This build is designed especially for Apothecary

RAID: Shadow Legends Skills & Scaling To understand gear, you first have to understand what is meant by “scaling”. A champion “scales” with a specific stat if its abilities are improved by that stat. For example: Athel’s skills are improved by attack. However, Tayrel (high elf epic), only scales with defense. This means that attack
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The point of this guide is to provide general gearing advice for different types of champions, as well as give an overview of how gear works, what each set of gear does, and why certain gear is better to use in certain situations.Skills & Scaling To understand gear, you first have to understand what is
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When you will first open Raid: Shadow Legends you will be faced with quite a major decision. You will have to pick a hero out of the four given! There are different classes, so it might be quite difficult to pick one that can carry you through the game constantly. Well, if that is your
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This guide is how to farm in RAID: Shadow Legends or “raid sl” Farming (also called grinding) is the core of Raid, at all times you will be farming for SOMETHING; that might be for exp to level up your team, or to level up champions you intend to sacrifice to rank up others (commonly
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Farming 101: A Beginner’s Guide Which hero to start with Guide RAID: SL Gearing Guide RAID: SL Common Mastery Builds for Offense/Defense/Support RAID: SL Beginner Mastery Guide Clan Boss Team Build & Gearing Guide: Game Mechanics & Gearing Calculator: RSL :: Q/A General Questions!: Guide to Raid Events: All-around FAQ/Guide:

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